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So everyone just left me at work.  One co-worker is at an energy clearing – yup. You heard me, I didn’t studder. And everyone else opted for Chili’s.  Chili’s is a standard Mitsch Design lunch venue when us lunatics needs to get out for a minute and breath.  Nothing beats the golden tortillas chips and queso dip.  But today, today I am being good.  A) I dont want to spend the money on lunch, I brought tuna and lettuce leaves and B) Tortilla Chips and Queso dip have carbs. Argh, so I’m left alone to ponder if I made the right decision to stay in. You see, it’s always a gamble – b/c Im pretty sure theyre going to have a riot of a time at the restaurant and come back with a complex story of inside jokes that I can’t and won’t be allowed to participate in. But oh well, I don’t want to eat carbs! Ha. I’ll show them … or will I? Those lettuce leaves just sound mouth-watering don’t they? I would’ve gone just for the conversation, but the temptations would have been sky high. I’m fine with my decision, really I am.  I have a whole set of redlines to pickup for a client, so I’ll just stay busy being a CAD monkey.

Let’s talk about my co-workers more. Lately, Betsy and I have been making coffee in the morning. Last week was ridiculous.  I dont usually drink coffee and when I do I go to Starbucks and that’s not really considered coffee if you get a latte or something. It’s more like loads of sugar and milk with a hint of joe.  But last week when we made it – it was out of control. You might have seen my post on facebook – we were WIRED! Well, it happened again today.  After we drink half the mug (in our matching Crate and Barrel mugs) we’re uncontrollable.

*TANGENT TIME* Ok, so we have pods at work, theres 3 people in my pod, and 2 in the other pod.  Well, the three of us gab like crazy all day, naturally. And Stephanie had been dubbed “Pod Mom” (which is super cute being that she is now 7 months pregnant) and she refers to me and Betsy as the Bobbsey Twins. Which I’m not really sure why, its a brother and sister duo I think – which makes me wonder, who’s the boy in this scenario?


 So, one day Betsy broke her beloved black mug, she drank out of this thing like every day! You should have seen her poor little expression. I heard her yelp from my desk and rushed to the break room to make sure she was ok – poor Betsy, she just dropped it – and it completely shattered. She was absolutely heart broken.  I had to help!  At the time I was working a second job at C&B and decided I would use my fabulous employee discount and get us matching mugs.  This was a fantastic idea, because not only did I really want the festive green floral mug, but it would totally fuel Stephanie’s notion of us being the “Bobbsey Twins” even more. So I bought Betsy a blue one, and I have the green. They’re awesome. I would post a pic, but they are from last season and I cant find one on the web and they are currently in the dishwasher at work.

So after we drink about half of a cup, Betsy and I totally get all squirrelly.  Like last week, we began to talk about how the world could possibly be really like the matrix, and that there are glitches – which led to my rendition of Keanu Reeve’s acrobatic.gravity.defying.bullet.dodging.moves.  It made Betsy laugh so hard she made me show Stephanie, and then again to Dianna. Who drinks coffee and then starts performing Matrix moves, seriously?  Today wasn’t any different.  In fact, I can’t even remember what our caffeine induced rambling was even about.  But it led to me snapping at Betsy and telling her that she was crazy for believing psychics were actually accurate. Ha.

I love my co-workers. Not a lot of people can actually say that.  But I do.  We have the perfect little family right now. I love it. And we’ve all been working together for so long, that when I bust out Matrix moves, no one is really surprised. So, maybe I did miss out on going to Chili’s today – but that’s ok. I’m pretty sure they’ll want to go to lunch again tomorrow.

Which reminds me – Bumble Bee Tuna, here I come!


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  1. * Marc says:

    Awesome story Lex! Glad you get to enjoy my wife so much during the day. You guys are crazy. Congrats on the new blog.

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 10 months ago

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