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A Nice Little Sunday Dinner

What a gorgeous day! The weather was perfect!  Not a cloud in the sky, cool breeze – and the smell of fall just around the corner. I truly love fall. Nothing beats a cup of warm tea in my favorite green mug, hoodies, football, and my DVR to complete a nice fall evening – I cant wait!  

I was in Shelbyville today and while the dad and hubs watched the colts game, mom and I took a quick trip to the apple orchard.  I had never been, and upon arriving, I was totally in the mood for fall. Something about an apple orchard just screams fall.  The kids were running in circles, putting their little faces in the cardboard cutouts of scarecrows, and the barn was filled with patrons looking for a delicious treat.  Mom and I circled the apple bins sampling and tasting which apple we wanted to purchase. Turns out Gala seemed to hit the spot.  We both enjoy Honeycrisp the best, but they arent in season yet.  We picked the best looking satchel and now I have enough apples to eat with my cheese all week, so much better than purchasing at Meijer (although they have the best produce selection).  I also decided to splurge and buy some pumpkin fudge for Sam, and a carmel apple for myself.  (I was good this week – I deserve a treat!) Oh man, it was a treat! The carmel was the perfect texture, it melted in my mouth which contrasts so well with the crunch of the apple and it added just the right hint of sweetness. Who ever thought to combine these two confections was genius.  I also sampled some of mom’s apple cider slushy – what a good idea b-t-dub!  The fact that is was a slushy made it a total fall-teaser.  It completely tasted like apple cider, but the slushy consistancy felt good on such a warm day, what a tease you slushy!  Mom also got some bartlett pears that she let me take home, look – theyre super cute and perfectly ripe, I can tell by their smell!


just a quick sidenote – pears are my FAVORITE fruit. I love pears!

All in all, a good trip to the orchard I say.  Bring it on fall, I’m ready!  However, the orchard apparently tuckered me out. I slept the entire way home from Shelbyville and then immediately took a napper on the couch.  Must have been crashing from my cramel apple high. Ha.

Later when I felt good and rested, and hungry –  I defrosted some pork and prepared what I like to call a “nice sunday meal”.  Ive been on an asparagus kick lately, and had some left over lettuce that needed eaten.  I used the rest of our garlic and soy sauce to marinade the pork and added a touch of honey and some EVOO. Honey works wonders on pork; I highly recommend it.  After I let the pork breath in a good amount of marinade, it was grill time! Sam usually takes care of the grilling in our household, if gives me more time to further prepare the meal.   While our meat was sizzling on the grill, I chopped up the salad added some caesar dressing (I’ve tried my moms recipe from scratch, but it always ends up tasting too EVOOish, I have yet to perfect it, store bought will do for now) fresh ground pepper and parmesan cheese.  Now back to the asparagus, I’ve been broiling it lately – its easy and fast.  I just lay them out on a cookie sheet, add some fresh sea salt and ground pepper, drizzle EVOO and balsamic vinegar and voila, 8-10 minutes later you got yo’ self some delicious vegetables.  I decided to jazz it up today and sprinkle some left over parm. on the little guys to help tie it into the salad.  Once the pork was ready, I plated everything and it was time to feast!


I know the salad looks bare, but Sam hates tomatoes and he can’t eat croutons.  Look at those grill marks tho – man he’s good! Ha.  So there you have it – a nice little Sunday dinner.


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